The Business Social Compliance Initiative is the broadest business-driven platform for the improvement of social compliance in the global supply chain.

The benefits of the BSCI as a broad and comprehensive monitoring system for social standards in the supply chain are numerous:

Factories/companies which are being audited can

      *   Improve their competitiveness through improved social standards as better working conditions
      *   An improved management system leads to better product quality, higher productivity
      *    Fewer work accidents, less sick leave producing more highly motivated workers and lower staff turnover

The result of this is an improvement ethically, but also economically for both involved employers as well as employees.
The economic advantages in this respect - in parallel taking into account the objectives to reduce excessive overtime and raise salaries where necessary, have been shown in research studies in this field. Therefore, benefits of the individual company also have a positive effect on the broad public.

Conquest provides

      *    Training on the requirements of the standards to the team in the organisation.
      *    Consultancy support in evolving the Policy, Objectives for the organisation and the systems for achieving them.
      *    Implementation support in Implementing, Internal auditing and identifying key areas for improvement.
      *    Facilitation support for Management reviews and certification process.