The Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrosim is a partnership between private sector and the U.S government to reduce terrorism threat risks while maintain business growth.

Other benefits companies have realized by participating in C-TPAT include:

     *    The incorporation of good sound security practices and procedures into existing logistical management methods and processes.
     *    Greater supply chain integrity
     *    Reduced risk mitigation
     *    Reduced cargo theft and pilferage
     *    Stronger brand equity
     *    Improved asset utilization
     *    Greater efficiency between internal and external functions
     *    Improved security for their workforce
     *    Improved marketability
     *    Understanding the end to end process, including knowing each entity along the supply chain

The successful integration and alignment of increased security and enhanced supply chain efficiency is one of the great successes of C-TPAT. Through the collaborative work of CBP and the trade community, C-TPAT enhances the security and efficiency of legitimate trade.

Conquest provides

     *    Training on the requirements for the standards to the team in the organisation.
     *    Consultancy support in evolving the Security Policies as per standards guideline, and the systems for achieving them.
     *    Implementation support in Implementing, Internal auditing and identifying key areas for improvement.
     *    Facilitation support for Management reviews and certification process.