Every department / function / process in business or service needs to be established, defined, and monitored. Technology integrated solutions are required at every process to make this effective.

Implementing such solutions brings a lot of changes within the organisation in performing the processes. It is very essential to have domain expertise and technical knowledge to bridge requirements of the organisation and the changed way that is proposed by the solution. It is very essential to give due attention to this aspect to make implementation of any software solution successful.

The goal of implementing software solutions in the organisation aims to
      *    Streamline processes through out the organisation
      *    Get reliable data to make right decisions
      *    Measure processes and make improvements
      *    Improve confidence within the organisation
      *    Effectively communicate to the customers
      *    Achieve quicker turnaround times
      *    Reduce errors and losses
      *    Improve effeciencies and profits

The processess involved in implementing software solutions more aptly and achieving the goals are :

Process Flow

We at Conquest have expertise in understanding the organisation domain and technical knowhow. With our expertise we provide,

      *   Processes mapping services
      *   Customised software development services
      *   Software testing services
      *   Software documentation services
      *   Implementation services to organsiation

provide technical consultation bridging the requirements of the Organisation, taking into account both best practices inbuilt in the solution and the limitations of the solutions.