Organisations need to continuously improve their processes to become effective day by day. The improvements in the internal processes help the organisations to sustain changes that occur due to external factors.They become fully equipped towards growth.

We catalyse the improvement process by deploying experts in the respective functions for the projects. We pool up effective resources with in depth knowledge and vast experience in the required field. and

We have contributed for the improvement projects in Spinning mills, Apparel manufacturing industries, Process houses, buying houses and allied service sectors in one or all of the following areas;

Process Flow
      *    Production Planning

      *    Production systems

      *    Merchandising systems

      *    BOM planning and sourcing

      *    Product quality assurance systems

      *    HR systems

      *    Inventory systems

      *    IT systems

      *    Energy audits and systems

The processess involved in implementing software solutions more aptly and achieving the goals are :

Process Flow

We at Conquest have expertise in understanding the organisation domain and technical knowhow. With our expertise we provide,

      *   Processes mapping services
      *   Customised software development services
      *   Software testing services
      *   Software documentation services
      *   Implementation services to organsiation

provide technical consultation bridging the requirements of the Organisation, taking into account both best practices inbuilt in the solution and the limitations of the solutions.